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Real Estate Executive Search

It’s important the marketplace knows about great career opportunities with your company.

We are AKA Search Group. We specialize in real estate executive search, ensuring all prospects for your opportunities, see them and get to hear about them. From targeted ads to phone calls, emails, to text messages, and more, our real estate executive search consultants are expert storytellers and sales professionals. We believe that by empowering our search consultants to tell your story and connect with others, we can secure the best candidates for your company’s opportunities.

If you are interested in seeing the benefits of our real estate executive search solutions, you can contact us today or when you need us.

“A recruiter from AKA Search Group reached out to me about a VP of Real Estate Development role. I spoke with Angelo and received a ton of insight about the opportunity he had with his client. The process was thorough and within a week I had an in-person interview for a great new career role for me. I highly recommend AKA Search Group.”

-Christopher B.

Real Estate Executive Search

Our real estate executive search consultants have intimate knowledge of the industry’s competitive landscape, including local, regional, and nation markets. They are all involved in the top real estate groups and networks across the country, tapping into pools of top talent for our clients. Our client and candidate first philosophy positions us well to serve our clients and candidates to accelerate their hiring and growth plans.

We partner with real estate leaders in multifamily, single-family, finance, property management, asset management, and homebuilding. The number one priority is to strategically align with our clients to accelerate the growth of their businesses through executive search. We pride ourselves on being a boutique executive search group who outperforms larger firms due to our focus.

AKA Search Group has extensive experience both working in the real estate industry, as well as sourcing and placing top talent in the real estate industry. Prior to his role as CEO of AKA Search Group, Angelo Argentieri, served as Vice President and right-hand man to the owner of one of Virginia’s largest real estate investing firms.

Real Estate Executive Search Verticals

Experts from value add affordable through luxury ground-up development and more.

Experts assisting residential and commercial property owners and investors.

Fix-and-Flip, ground-up development, turnkey, wholesale, buy and hold, and more.

Leaders and experts in maximizing returns and property value for investors and owners.

Experts from REITs, private investment firms, alternative investment funds, and more.

From land acquisition, site planning, and development, through construction and sales.

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Competitive Advantages

AKA Search Group’s real estate executive search competitive advantages include:


Direct Industry Experience


Members of the Top Real Estate Groups and Networks Nationwide


Database Of Over 400,000 Candidates

Automated Candidate Prospecting Technology

Text Messaging
Multimedia Marketing