About AKA Search Group

In today’s day and age, bigger does not always mean better. We pride ourselves on being a boutique recruiting firm that outperforms larger firms due to our focus. Keeping our client base small and our candidate pool large, consistently allows us to win over customers who once used larger firms.

We operate nationally and focus on real estate and investment management recruiting. This includes recruiting from the C-level down to management positions.

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Why AKA Search Group?

Our CEO, Angelo Argentieri, served as the right-hand man to the owner of one of New York’s boutique leading recruiting firms. He led and managed large teams dedicated to recruitment for several Fortune 500 companies, while also fulfilling small-to-medium sized business clients’ needs. After this role, Angelo served as Vice President for one of Virginia’s largest real estate investing firms. Over the past decade, Angelo has over 3,000 direct hires for clients to his name.

AKA Search Group Co-Founder Kimberly Argentieri leverages her marketing and branding capabilities to attract high-performing executives and other leaders on a daily basis. Kimberly started her first internet marketing business at 23. In a few short years, Kimberly amassed tens of thousands of paying customers. This ability to attract talented individuals has proven to be a strong competitive advantage for both our clients and our team.

What Is Included?

All clients and candidates of AKA Search Group will feel the power of our proprietary seven-step recruiting process. The process includes comprehensive interviews, behavioral, cognitive, and psychometrics assessments of all candidates, as well as preparation and coordination of client interviews, offer letter preparation, and offer letter negotiations. At AKA Search Group, we pride ourselves on our success rate with director, senior-level, and C-level searches.

A retained recruiting engagement ensures clients a total commitment from AKA Search Group to deliver 3-5 qualified candidates in 30 days. For more niche recruitment engagements, AKA Search Group will provide a minimum of six to eight qualified candidates typically within six weeks. At AKA Search Group, we pride ourselves on our 95% success rate with searches for our clients.

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What Are The Rates?

Simplicity is key when it comes to client and provider relationships. We understand this well at AKA Search Group and keep it simple for clients who are engaged with our recruiting team.

AKA Search Group conducts retained searches at 20% of the hired candidate’s first-year expected compensation. For contingent searches, the fee is 27.5%.

Any Guarantees?

We provide guarantees on the front end and back end of our searches. On the front end, you are not locked into any contracts and have a 14-day window to cancel for a full refund. On the back end, each hire made has a 90-day guarantee. If the candidate resigns or is terminated within their first 90 days with your company, we will guarantee a replacement of the employee by supplying you with qualified candidates until a replacement for the previous hire is found and hired. The only exceptions would be insufficient work for the employee or in the event of a corporate restructuring.