Automated Recruitment 101: Prospective Candidates

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Prospective Candidate Discovery

When a client brings us a new recruitment search at AKA Search Group, it takes less than 45 minutes to consult with our client, create a list of prospective candidates and begin attacking them.

Prospective Candidates Needs Analysis Meeting

Needs Analysis Call With Client

During a needs analysis conversation with our client, we discover the following position requirements for the role:

  • Management Level
    • C-Level, VP-Level, Director, Manager
  • Department
    • Finance, Sales, Operations, Human Resources, Marketing
  • Job Function
    • Investor Relations, Sales Management, etc.
  • Position Titles
    • Chief Investment Officer, Director of Human Resources, Acquisition Manager, etc.
  • Years of Experience
    • 0-3, 4-7, 8-10, 11+
  • Key Skills
    • Asset Allocation, Return Analyses, Business Development, Property Valuation, Sales Enablement, Feasibility Studies, etc.
  • Market Competitors
    • Does the client have competitors who are ahead of them and they want to poach candidates from them?
Prospective Candidates Info Picture

Prospective Candidates’ Info

With the information regarding prospective candidates received from the needs analysis call with our client, we then use our systems and technology to source the following prospective candidates’ information:

  • Mobile Phone
  • Company Email
  • Personal Email Address
  • Home Address
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Company Direct Phone

With the prospective candidates’ information, we move to the final stage of candidate information gathering. Using an AKA Search Group proprietary system, we obtain the prospective candidates’ IP address to digitally target the candidates with our client’s opportunity as well.

Prospective Candidate Outreach

Prospective Candidate Outreach Picture

All Systems Go

With the click of a button, the prospective candidates’ information is pushed into our custom-built Salesforce CRM. Salesforce tells our team which marketing channels will be most effective in reaching each candidate based on how active they are on each channel. This means they are more likely to see our marketing touch.

Then, we click one more button, and the prospecting drip campaigns to recruit candidates are live. The campaigns have several different cadences with unique timing based on how active they are on each marketing channel. This includes multimedia, email, text messaging, letters, and most importantly cold calling.

All of this is also linked to our Salesforce for live feedback and results tracking.


In 45 minutes, we consult with our client, create a list of prospective candidates and begin attacking them. We can accomplish what would take a full-desk recruiter or a talent acquisition employees a full day, if not days. This gives AKA Search Group’s client a massive advantage by reaching all available prospects in a very quick fashion. In today’s executive search market, hyper-targeting and speed are super important.

Our clients reach out to us because they understand their recruitment teams, nor themselves, have the time to research, dig, find contact info for, and market to prospective candidates at a rapid pace. When time is of the essence, they understand that our executive search consultants are their best bet.

Here is a recent review from one of our current clients:

Samantha R.

Five Stars

“We hired AKA Search Group to find a Director of Sales for our office in Greenville, SC. Within two weeks, they found us several high level leaders who we interviewed and ultimately hired one of them. Fast, proficient, and on the ball with the candidates they presented.”

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