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Single Family Recruiting

“AKA Search Group was on top of everything. My business is growing, and they have found awesome new team members for us. You can tell they are pros from the first call with them.”

-Justin B.

Single Family Recruiting Verticals

Our team has direct experience in leading, training, and hiring single family acquisitions managers.

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For those who provide turnkey rentals to the marketplace. From analysts to sales hires, we have you covered.

Fix And Flip Real Estate Executive Search Aka Search Group 02

Fix and Flip

Hire experts to ensure maximum ROI for your flips, whether lipstick or large rehab projects.

New Build Single Family Real Estate Executive Search Aka Search Group 08

New Build

Ground up and new build development experts from top local homebuilders. Let us procure the talent for you.

Buy And Hold Single Family Executive Search Aka Search Group 03

Buy and Hold

From long-term buy and hold weekend warrior investors to wall street buying up your street.

Wholesale Single Family Real Estate Executive Search Aka Search Group 01


Assign us to find your next new hire so that you can assign more wholesale deals.

Single Family Recruiting

Our clients in single family recruiting include:

  • Owner-Operators
  • Fix and Flip
  • Developers
  • Wholesalers
  • Turnkey Providers
  • Property Managers

Our single family clients span across the nation and typically utilize us to hire:

  • Integrators
  • Acquisitions
  • Property Management
  • Contruction
  • Sales Operations
  • Human Resources
  • And More
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Hiring People is Easy.
Hiring The Right People Is Not.

We partner with operators and leaders in single family real estate investing to strategically align with them. The goal is to accelerate the growth of their businesses through hiring top talent. We pride ourselves on being a boutique executive search group who outperforms larger firms due to our focus.

AKA Search Group has extensive experience both working in the single family real estate industry, as well as sourcing and placing top talent there. Our CEO, Angelo Argentieri, served as the Vice President of Sales and Integrations for one of Virginia’s largest real estate investing firms, Cava Companies. During his time there, his sales team grew from himself and one other acquisition manager to:

  • 8 Acquisitions Mangers
  • 5 Lead Generators
  • 3 Listing Agents
  • 3 Recruiters
  • 1 Sales Manager
  • 1 System and Operations Manager
  • 1 Lead Generation Manager
  • 1 Turnkey Sales Specialist

This resulted in the company going from signing 10 deals per month in 2018, to well over 35 deals per month in 2021. Our intimate knowledge of the industry’s competitive landscape, including local, regional, and nation markets, and a client and candidate first philosophy positions us well to serve our clients and candidates to accelerate their hiring and growth plans.

Increased Retention

AKA Search Group’s competitive advantages include:

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Direct Industry Experience

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Members of the Top Real Estate Groups and Networks Nationwide

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Database Of Over 400,000 Candidates

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And Automated Candidate Prospecting Technology

Cold Calling • Text Messaging • Email • Multimedia Marketing

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